certified organization

We offer you maintenance for general aviation aircrafts. In addition to airplanes equipped with conventional engines, we also maintain aircrafts with diesel engines. Your aircraft can be converted from Avgas to diesel engine in only 4 weeks. Diesel engines are much more economical and environmental compatible. We perform regular periodic inspections (50, 100, 200 hours), as well as extensive checks of aircraft structure (1000, 2000hrs) inspections. For purposes of flying in VFR or IFR conditions, we perform pitot/static system tests, NAV/COMtest, DME, Transponder (ADS-B, T-CAS) test, ELT test, compass compensation.


  • Periodic 50, 100, 200 hours inspections
  • Extensive 1000, 2000 hours aircraft inspections
  • VFH an d IFR electrical equipment tests an compass compensation

Aircraft convertions
and modifications

  • Installations of modern diesel engines
  • Avionics modifications
  • Interior refurbishment

Part M, subpart G

  • Continuing Airworthiness management of aircraft
  • Airworthiness review certificate
  • Aircraft maintenance programme development
  • Technical records management
  • Airworthiness directives (AD) an dservice bulletins (SB) reviews